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About Healing Innergy

Healing Innergy is a unique private practice in Norfolk, VA USA . We pride ourselves on offering a warm, comfortable, and nurturing space where healing of the mind, body and soul can occur. The same comfort is also extended to our tele-sessions. Clients say they've received the same comfort & results on phone sessions as they've received in person. 

Healing Innergy is an ethical practice that only uses evidence-based healing modalities that have been backed by research in psychology, neuroscience, and trauma recovery. 

We offer a wide variety of methods to help our fellow humans (and their pets/ animals) heal  EVERY aspect of their lives. Not just physical, not just emotional, not just mental but their ENTIRE BEING as a whole. From physical injuries to relationships & even the unseen (spiritual), we are dedicated to helping our clients on their healing journey. It is our top priority to build a therapeutic and nurturing relationship with all of our clients - one that is based on trust, respect, and empowerment.

The name "Healing Innergy" was chosen because we believe that healing starts withIN. If our inner world is in chaos, it reflects on our outer world through our finances, relationships, home, and health.  When ones heals their inner energy, their outer world follows- it is Universal Law. "As withIN; so withOUT." 

My Story

My passion has always been to help others. Before getting into the medical & metaphysical field, I had a successful career in the Entertainment Industry where I managed actors, models, dancers, etc... helping their dreams come true.  After several years in the industry, I felt like something was missing in my soul. I realized that it was me absent in living my true life's purpose. That's when I went into the medical field, where I enjoyed relieving others of their physical pain and caring & nurturing them to recovery. But as a surgical nurse in cosmetic surgery, I still felt like something was missing. 

Being in the Entertainment industry and Medical Aesthetics industry, I've witnessed so many people who were happy but only on the surface- only superficially, not TRULY happy. And although I LOVED helping people tap into their talents so they can live their dreams AND helping people enhance their physical appearance, I wanted to do MORE. I wanted them to be happy when they weren't entertaining and happy even with their (seemingly visible) flaws. That's when I considered going back to school for to become a Psychologist.

But then...a personal crisis hit and in my search for healing and wanting to understand WHY all this was happening, I was guided and lead intuitively to the metaphysical route. I was no longer a teenager and it was now OBVIOUS to me that running from my problems will only lead to the same problems down the road. I knew that instead of ignoring it, I had to HEAL it if I didn't want it to rear it's ugly head again.


In  my experience, talk therapy wasn't helping. I didn't want to  talk endlessly about my issues; I didn't want to hear of coping mechanisms (that hardly ever worked for me anyway)- I wanted to END IT; to HEAL it  & heal from it. "THERE MUST BE AN EASIER WAY!!!," I yelled with frustration as I prayed. I was then told that I first have to be open-minded if I wanted answers. DEAL! Then I was told that my chakras needed healing. I researched info about chakras & found out what they represent. But as a Virgo, that wasn't enough. I needed to know how people came up with this "stuff". And I noticed those who mentioned chakras tend to be "spiritual" people. So, I researched spirituality. After extensive research, things still didnt really click. It wasn't until I found out WHY we were sent to this earth, the meaning and purpose of LIFE, that I felt satisfied. Now, everything made sense; Now everything resonated with my soul! Then I was guided to Reiki...which I felt took too long and the healing wasn't that noticeable. Again...THERE MUST BE A EASIER/ FASTER WAY!  Which lead me to seek & experiment with more techniques. Then BOOM! I found a technique that personally SHOCKED me with it's (almost instant) healing results. After finding more techniques that helped me, I said to myself, "I WANT TO DO THIS- I WANT TO USE THESE METHODS TO HELP OTHERS HEAL! I want people to experience the same, profound healing I've been experiencing." I started out small with just emotional trauma healing, relationship counseling, SELF-LOVING therapy. THEN, one day, I looked at my wrists that had been hurting for YEARS & I thought it'll be fun to experiment healing that. Again, to my shocking surprise, I healed it with one treatment, which inspired me to add healing of PHYSICAL issues to my practice.  

So here I am today...using my personal life and healing experiences to help others. Every service I offer, I've personally used on myself & family with SUCCESS. Otherwise, I wouldn't feel comfortable offering it at all. BTW: Some of my family members are not even open-minded lol but it still worked on them anyway.  =)  My seeking & learning journey is far from over. I am an avid learner #Virgo and during my free time, I am in constant search of different healing methods that I can add to my practice and offer to my clients. 

I've been blessed to have clients all over the world- of all colors, races, lifestyles, cultural beliefs & religions. I have clients who knew me when I was in the Entertainment field. They know that in a world full of snakes, I've always remained honest, trustworthy, compassionate & fair. I also have clients who are medical doctors, who have collegues that are therapists but they are satisfied with my service. I hope after giving me a chance, that you will also experience the same satisfaction. I look forward to serving you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story.  Namaste! 


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Serious inquiries only.

757.524.3155 (text or email preferred)

Disclaimer: Reiki/Energy healing is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment. Information provided on this website is not designed to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease. You should consult with your health care practitioner when you find any medical condition existing. I am not a medical doctor and the therapy I offer is peer counseling.