Animal Healing

As a pet owner & lover, an animal advocate & Master Energy Healer, I also specialize in Animal Healing to bring compassionate, insightful care for your fur babies (pets & farm animals) for comprehensive healing and deeper relationship with all the animals in your life.

Like humans, all animals have a soul with feelings & a body with physical pain. And just like humans, their entire being can benefit from energy healing. Whether it is emotional or physical, I can help!

Did your animal go through or witness something traumatic and is not quite the same anymore? Were they injured and never really healed from it (emotionally or physically)? Did you adopt an animal & they are having a hard time adjusting, no matter how loving you are to them?

Most of the time when animals experience or witness any sort of trauma, they fear it will happen again...even if the trauma was unintentional and even after they've healed from it physically. Emotional trauma can develop in so many ways. For an example: It can develop when they are put up for adoption. They hold on to the pain of being abandoned by previous owners & taken away from whats familiar to them (people, places and things). And unfortunately, they cant speak with a psychologist to vent & to get psychological relief. So, they live in fear, often suffer from depression and are unable to enjoy life. 

Let's face it-- we adopt an animal to give them a better home but with past emotional pain lingering within them, they still may not feel safe or loved. But there's always hope -- several forms of ENERGY HEALING.

  1. Emotional Trauma Release

  2. Reiki Energy Healing

  3. Frequency Medicine

  4. Physical Healing and Alignment 

And that's where I come in. I'm able to communicate and energetically heal your pet with with the above healing modalities. You would be surprised at the difference energy healing can make.

I offer these services because I'VE personally used it on my pets with surprising success! [Read my story here] I only offer services that I have tried and that worked for me.

Animal Energy Healing provides relaxation, stress reduction and healing on any animal - anywhere in the world.

Animal are very accepting of all forms of energy healing because animals are energy & they themselves naturally provide Reiki --that's why we always feel great around them. They are natural healers! But sometimes, healers need healing, too. This is where YOU & I come in to help our precious fur babies.

Emotional Healing


  • Gives lost & missing pets comfort while you search for them.

  • Reduces stress - relaxes nervousness

  • Aggressive & destructive behavior

  • Separation anxiety

  • Abandonment issues

  • Helps animals feel peaceful and safe

  • Gives animals confidence

  • Helps PTSD issues- especially for rescues, abused animals, etc...

  • Hospice- gives animals peace before they pass. (can also give owners peace)

  • Clears problematic DNA (hereditary issues)



  • Allergies

  • Promotes faster healing

  • Provides comfort during healing

  • Eases physical pain

  • Cancer

  • Digestive issues

  • Toxins

  • Skin issues

  • Bone issues

  • Muscular issues

  • Infections

  • Elderly animals

  • Joint issues

  • Hearing & Sight

  • Vitality & Energy

Frequency medicine

  • Provides comfort

  • Helps heal emotional and physical ailments

  • Aligns meridians and chakras

  • Heals & Rids of any energetic illness residues

  • Corrects chaotic frequency in cells

  • Fixes disconnections & allows body parts to work in harmony with each other

  • Finds imbalances

  • Balances hormones

  • and more...


  • Long distance healing - In comfort of your home w/ no visitors intruding on pets (Especially good for fearful, scared, hard to transport animals, ferals)

  • Non-evasive

  • No drugs required

  • Natural treatments

  • No harmful side-effects

  • Safe to use w/ any other treatments, Rx's, remedies and protocols

  • No surgery required

  • No downtime 

  • Proven to be effective

  • See results as little as one treatment

*number of treatments are based on each individual animals needs

Services are conducted in the following ways:

IN PERSON: (Sorry, due to COVID restrictions, I will not be able to do IN PERSON sessions til further notice. Please consider DISTANT HEALING below) I'm located in Chesapeake, VA & can travel to you (15 mile radius). I'm no longer conducting animal treatments in my office as I have pets of my own and this tends to give other pets/animals anxiety.

DISTANT HEALING: Most of my clients opt for distant healing as it is very convenient for them. Distant healing can take place anywhere in the world, without me having to be physically present. I have ability to communicate with your animal telepathically and as a Master Energy Practitioner, I'm able to heal whatever they are suffering from with one or more healing modalities. While using a surrogate / proxy, I can transmit the healing to your animal through time and space. (Just like a fax machine can transmit a document to anywhere in the world, as it is also energy)


MY PERSONAL STORY: I am a mother (owner) of 2 beautiful dogs. Before I rescued my Yorkie, he came from 1 neglectful home then to an abusive home. By the time he got to me, no matter how loving I was to him, he would shake uncontrollably when he was near any human. When I had visitors (especially males), he would uncontrollably trembles and urinate on the floor. Today, (after healing) he jumps around, walks around with confidence, and no longer trembles nor pees uncontrollably...even around men. He actually now approaches men by himself. He stopped sleeping UNDER my bed and now sleeps with me on the bed. After seeing this amazing difference in him, I decided to try it on my Pit Bull.

My Pit Bull (American Staffordshire Terrier) was very aggressive & was such a bully. I had her since she was 8 weeks old. Although, we provided her with a LOVING home & never abused nor displayed any type of aggressive/violent behavior, she was still aggressive (towards other dogs, not humans). She was very protective of any human. She would snip at our Yorkie for barking at the mailman! And she got aggressive when other dogs came near us. I later on found out that she came from a line of "fighting dogs". And just like humans, animal DNA holds 800+ memories (scientifically proven). With her bloodline of fighting, she inherited the "fighting" genes. I cleared her DNA from those violent acts and sent energetically frequencies of Love, Peace, & Compassion. Today, she's calmer than ever before - doesn't bully or pick fights w other dogs and now willingly shares her food and toys with them.