Located in Norfolk, VA USA | Available Worldwide



Due to COVID, "in office" sessions are not available until further notice. Tele-sessions & email sessions are available worldwide.


You must be a legal adult (18+ years old) to book an appointment.


Children (infants - 17 years old)-- a legal guardian/parent MUST be available at the time of service and remain in the building throughout the entire session. (Basically, no drop offs)

Pets/ Animals-- Persons escorting animals must be an adult (18+ years old). Animals must be on a leash or crate upon arrival and owner/escort must remain with animal at all times. If animal is aggressive, s/he MUST remain in their crate. In-home service (where I come to you) is preferred.

First time in-office clients, MUST make payment online before visit.

  • All Major Credit Cards (online & in person)

  • Paypal, Venmo & Cash App

  • Cash (please bring exact amount)

Located in the East Coast so please keep the time difference in mind when booking a phone session. 

Sessions are available:

  1. In person (currently not available until further notice due to COVID)

  2. Distant Healing

    • Phone session (International calls must have Whatsapp)

    • Email session - you will receive a detailed email report of the healing session. See example here.

Energy travels through time and space (quantum field) so in-office visits are not required. Distant healing allows healing to be performed without the practitioner and client having to be in the same room. We will use a proxy to take your place during the healing process but YOU will receive the healing. It's like receiving a fax (which travels through space into the room where the receiver receives the fax document).


Energy Space Clearing

Clear negative energy in

  • Homes

  • Businesses / Offices

  • Rooms 


  • Cars

  • Physical items

Negative energies can get attached to a place and to items from it's previous owners / occupants. This trapped energy can influence people and pets in a negative way especially if violence, death or tragedy occurred in that space. If you got a used item, you might notice that bad luck keeps occurring since you brought it home. We can cleanse the negative energies and replace it with loving energies.  For business locations, we can add abundance so customers can be attracted to your business. 


Another safe way to heal our body, mind & soul! The future of medicine acknowledged by Einstein, Tesla, Rife & other scientists.

AO Scan & Frequency Treatment

are now available

The type of scans & therapy are listed below:

  • Quick Scan

  • Inner Voice

  • Vital Scan

  • Comprehensive Scan

  • S.E.F.I

  • Pet Vital Scan (dogs, cats & horses)


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We Can Help You...

Heal Your

  • Talk or NON-talk Therapy

  • Helps overcome PTSD,

  • Heartache, Divorces

  • Abandonment

  • Anxiety, Depression,

  • Stress, Anger, Insomnia

  • Physical/ mental abuse,

  • Bullying 

  • Phobias, OCD and addictions

  • Balances mind & emotions​

  • Increases confidence & self-worth

  • Strengthens & heals relationship with self and others

  • Inner Child Healing

  • Self-sabotage

  • and more...

Heal Your

  • Reduces (or rids) physical pain. ailments & inflammation

  • Helps overcome addictions

  • Cleanses negative energies in home, business or spaces

  • Speeds up healing process in body

  • Releases stress and tension

  • Enables relaxation & sleep

  • Optimizes function in organs/ body parts

  • Increases energy & vitality

  • Weight loss & over-eating

  • Balances hormones

  • Reverses aging

  • Helps control Allergies, IBS, Celiac, Diabetes, & more...

  • Sexual disorders (impotence, infertility)

Heal Your

  • Heals at a "SOUL" level (your inner core)

  • Accelerates spiritual awakening & healing

  • Manifest wealth, health, love

  • Raises vibration (happiness)

  • Increases intuition

  • Unblocks & balances energy system (chakras & meridians)

  • Cleanses & protects aura 

  • Heals ancestral karma/ hereditary illnesses & cleanses future descendants' DNA

  • Heals past life issues

  • Law of Attraction guidance

  • Connect with loved ones who has passed over

  • Cut Energetic Cords 

  • Remove Curses / Hexes (generational or personal)

  • and more

via Tarot / Intuition

  • Reveals one's true intentions or true nature

  • Career guidance

  • Help you understand your past, present & future

  • Find your life's purpose

  • Find out what your pets need you to know

  • Identify areas where improvement is needed

  • Get possible outcomes of decisions/situations

  • Receive warnings, confirmation & validation

  • Dig DEEPER to get to the ROOT of any issues

  • Guidance from above

  • Get spirit guide(s)' advice

How & Why does energy medicine work?

How do you conduct services?

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Reiki is NOT recommended for those with Pacemakers & Diabetes 1 but other forms of energy healing are safe.