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Whether it's a LOVE or general situation, I hope to help you with the answers you seek. There is no judging here. Not only are your secrets safe with me but I will try to help you through your situation as best as I can with a sincere, understanding heart. TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL.


Tarot cards are used as a divination tool to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, an event, or both. Because the future is fluid, absolute predictions of future events are impossible. Instead, I focus on possible outcomes as well as examining influences related to the issue at hand. These may be influences which one might not even be aware of before the reading. Tarot reading thus arms one with additional information so that they may make more informed choices.

I'm available for EMERGENCY Same Day Phone Readings...up til late at night. (Normally available 12noon- ????)

Here is how to book it:

1. Contact me to see if I'm available by

using the Emergency Request form on this page.

2. If I'm available, Ill let you know by responding accordingly. You can then proceed with the payment below. Payment must be made before reading begins.

$111.11 for an Hour


Other payment options:

Cashapp: $HealingInnergy


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Emergency Tarot Reading Request

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Emergency same day readings are only available via phone call. And only if/when Im available. 

I'm unable to answer questions such as

  • WHERE you should move (although Im able to get a yes or no answer to places you are inquiring about)

  • exact timing of event (as timing is fluid & energy can always change), etc...

  • medical/health questions 

Please understand that nothing is definite as energy changes. I can give you the most likely outcome of a situation but your knowledge of this might influence you to take certain actions that will cause the future to change. 

Sometimes, our heavenly team wants us to learn and figure things out on our own because it is necessary to our growing. We cant always get the cheat sheet in life-- otherwise, we wont be able to grow as individuals.

Tarot reading is for entertainment purpose only.