Healing& Therapy
(over the phone)

Distant healing, or remote healing, is a technique for affecting another person even if they are many miles away.  One doesn't have to be in the same room as the practitioner as healing travels through time and space with the help of an ancient power symbol used by Master Energy Healers. 

Many of my clients WERE skeptics until they experienced it themselves. =)  I conduct this healing session over the phone and/or if you prefer more convenience, I can just text you as I start to work on your energy. 

This page is to inform you of how I personally perform my Distant Healing sessions. If you would like to read how energy works through time and space, click here. But in short- we are all made of energy. Just like satellites can transmit info to our TV's and phones, we can transmit energy to each other & also manipulate/heal it. 

How I perform a Distant Energy Healing & Therapy

Each Practitioner may do their work how they prefer, there is no right way nor wrong way...there is only intent. Below is what you can expect when scheduling a distant healing session with me. I provide 2 methods of distant healing.

1. Phone method- we talk over the phone

2. Email method- I conduct the healing myself and email you the results and findings.  

With BOTH methods

  • I will use a proxy / surrogate (in placement of you) for the healing process. 

  • I ask that you DO NOT drink any alcohol or do any recreational drugs 12 hours before scheduled appointment.

  • If you need to eat something within 30 minutes of our session, eat something light. This will help the energy flow better. 


Please be relaxed in a quiet place where you wont be disturbed for an hour. 

  1. If you have a cellphone, I'd like to text before I call to make sure you are ready to begin. 

  2. I will call you on the phone on the designated time.

  3. Our initial discussion will be to discuss your issues, concerns at hand, what you'd to heal from, etc. I will then determine what treatment will work best for you.

  4. We will then work on finding and removing the blockages that may be causing your issues. I will tap into your energy and communicate with your Subconscious Mind out loud so you can hear everything. 

  5. I will inform you of my findings & walk you through the release process while doing the physical magnetic therapy on the  proxy / surrogate. Clients normally feel an instant shift of the release even though they are not in the office and even though I am not physically touching them.

  6. We will repeat this process about 3-5 times (enough to remove 3-5 energetic blockages or until your Subconscious says we cannot proceed to prevent an energetic overload.)

  7. If there is still time left, I will get off the phone and conduct Reiki on your energy (again using myself or assistant as a surrogate/proxy). I will ask you to relax in a meditative state while I do this.

  8. When I'm done, I will release your healed energy from the surrogate back to you (most feel a shift again) and will text you when I'm done.

  9. Please have a glass of water ready for you to drink after the session to detox. 

  10. I suggest you go for a walk out in nature but you can just go about your day.

  11. That will conclude the session.


There are client's who prefer the NO CONTACT method. This is convenient for those who are constantly away on a mission/work where no phones are available (normally Military clients). Or some who are on vacation and want to be discrete or don't want to be disturbed but don't want to delay their healing process. 

The same process will apply as the phone session above except there will be no voice contact. At the scheduled time, I use a surrogate and do the distant healing on them.

  1. You can choose to relax for that hour and imagine me doing the healing work on you. If requested, I can send you a healing track that you can listen to for that hour. After the hour, I suggest you drink a glass of water to detox. OR...

  2. You can choose to go on about their day AND trust the process is being conducted by me. However, I suggest you drink water at the end of your day to detox.

I will email you immediately after I conclude the healing and will inform you if  I seen any messages or visions while doing the healing work and/or if I felt that you needed more help on a certain part of your body (specific chakras). I will email you in detail of my intuitive findings or anything your Subconscious mind wants you to know. 

How do people know it works? 

I will email you what blockages I removed, what age it happened and a scenario. The fact that I obtained the info says that I did the work otherwise, I wouldn't have known had I not tapped into your Subconscious. But another confirmation is clients will think back of that date and event and as they remember it, they will notice that they no longer are emotionally affected/ triggered like they once were. And that is confirmation that that blockage has been released. 

A lot of times, clients will forget they scheduled a healing but will FEEL IT as I do it and will contact me later to ask me if I did any work on them because they felt it.  haha =) So, no, you don't necessarily have to lay down for the healing to take place--it just will. 


Important: My hours are based on USA's Eastern Time Zone. For non-US & overseas residence, please download the Whatsapp application on your phone as I will use that app to contact you. No video chats. Voice calls only.


Please note: If you are booking a session for someone other than yourself or those you are responsible for (pets/children), I cannot do any energy work without that person's permission. I can however, ask their soul/higher self's permission to accept the healing. Most of the time, they accept and appreciate it but I cannot guarantee this will be your case. In the event they deny the healing, it will be sent out to the universe to someone whom God feels needs it the most or I can request it goes to YOU. There are no refunds as I will be doing the work regardless. I strongly suggest buying them a gift card instead.

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