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If you or someone you know would like to receive a free distant Energy treatment and/or prayer, please fill out the form below. We send distant Reiki and Prayer to those in need every day without one needing to be physically present. We will be happy to add you to our list as soon as you submit the form.

At the end of two weeks, we will take your name off the list, so if you or the person you have requested healing for still need healing after this time, you will need to resubmit another request.

We would love to hear about any results of your healing experience, so please use this same form to let us know of any improvements or other experiences you have. Thanks for allowing us to serve you.


For best results, we suggest that you listen to our healing music track (below) during healing or anytime you need or want. 


Please list the name(s) of the person(s) you would like us to send Healing to + concerned illness or situation. Please be brief. Description is not necessary-- normally, one or a couple of word(s) would suffice. (ie. Heartbreak, car accident, coma, cancer, PTSD, financial struggles, etc).

If you've previously sent a request & you'd like to share your results, share below and/or leave a review by clicking here.

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Your request has been sent. Healing & Love is coming to you now. Thank you!

If you prefer a more intense healing, please consider our individual session, where we focus on you alone. See below for this option. 



One hour distant healing. One-on-one session. Appt required.




1 Hour reading over the phone. Love or General. Appt required. 




Distant Healing 30 min + Tarot Phone Reading 30 min. Appt required.



if you rather learn how to HEAL YOURSELF & loved ones on your own, check out the resources below that I've PERSONALLY used myself.


Ho'oponopono Healing w Joe Vitale

Heal yourself at home

For individuals who want to heal themselves and/or professional practitioners 

Heal yourself at home without seeing a therapist.  Learn this amazing technique in the comfort of your home to heal yourself and/or friends, pets & family.  [More Info


*Terms and conditions:

You understand that this is a collective distant healing, not an in-person or one-on-one session. Because this is energy healing, you may or may not physically feel the transmission as it's going through. Everyone's experience is different as some are more sensitive to energy than others.  Please have faith that it is transmitting and working. Collective healing is not as intense as one-on-one sessions as collective healing doesn't focus on just one person. With more focus on an individual, the energy is stronger.

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