Attract Financial Abundance

and Success

with the help of our


Divinely inspired!

These jars are so potent that while making the FIRST jar to gift a friend, I started receiving unexpected money & clients myself =) I was a bit surprised because I wasn't making it for myself. I had no intent on selling these until I shared my experience on social media and everyone wanted one.

What makes my Money Jars so POTENT & Different than others?

Unlike others, I don't just fill the jars/ bottles with content. I personally put A LOT of energetic work into each bottle. I am a lightworker/ healer & these jars provide another avenue for me to heal. Most of the times one is unable to attract money due to MONEY BLOCKAGES. By providing energetic work to these bottles, which will transfer to each owner, I hope to release the stuck energies in each person so they can receive their rightful abundance sooner than later.

Everything I do is with Love & Light as I believe in the Spiritual Law or Karma. ~Namaste

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Approx 4.5"x 2.75"x 1.5"





Approx. 4.5" x 1"

All money jars are unique. The jar you purchase will have similar contents. Due to the small openings, no coins were inserted in these bottles.





Approx. 7.5" x 2"


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Approx 3.75"x 1.75"



VINTAGE Triangle


Approx 5.25"x 2.50"



Money Jar / Bottle 

This bottle & contents acts as a symbol to impress the subconscious mind & aids in releasing negative thoughts and doubts about money.

PERFECT MANIFESTATION TOOL  Also keeps negative energy away


-Blessed with several techniques of energetic work & prayers, which will bless the owner of this product & home it's placed in.

-Energetic code for financial prosperity written on each bottle

-ORIGINAL & CORRECT Master Reiki Symbol written on bottle to protect from poverty & negative energies 

-Contents carefully selected

-So many goodies inside the bottle causing it to VIBRATE HIGH & be a vibrational match to massive abundance

-Blessed with the Moon, Sun & star's magical energy

-Product is placed in room with Binaural Beats & Financial Abundance music to absorb it's FREQUENCY.

-Product is placed in a bowl full of money to absorb the HIGH FREQUENCY OF MONEY, until it is ready to be shipped out. 

High Vibrational Contents:

These contents are known to attract financial abundance and wealth. Instead of just a couple of items, I blasted it with LOTS of financial attracting elements.

-US Currency Dollar Bill

-US currency coins (not all bottles have coins)

-Bay leaves 

-i-Ching coin or US coin on outside


-random gemstones

-Other money attracting herbs, including Cinnamon stick.

-Hibiscus to enhance all the herbs already in it & it will speed up any spell or affirmation you decide to do with this bottle. 

-On top of each cork is a jewel (varies)

ALL THESE WONDERFUL ELEMENTS are a Vibrational Match to Financial Wealth & Abundance and will call it in. 

​The energetic code and Ancient Reiki Symbol (the "original" symbol that most Reiki Practitioners dont know about ) is written in permanent marker. Depending on how one handles the bottle, there is a possibility that it might rub off. HOWEVER, just because it rubs off doesn't mean that they are erased. This code and symbol will forever be energetically engraved unto the bottle --unless some strong work is used to erase it or the owner demands it be released.

If items are marked "vintage" they will likely have light, unnoticeable scratches as the bottles are VINTAGE & pre-owned. 

During shipping, contents will likely shake so please dont expect it to look exactly like the pictures. 

For legal purposes: By purchasing from my site, you agree that you are purchasing the bottle & it's contents. And not only are you paying for the finished product but you are also paying for the time spent & my special unique way of assembling the product. You understand that legally, I am unable to claim that this product will guarantee that you will be rich or healed. THIS HAS WORKED FOR ME but everyone's energy is different. Please do not purchase these items if you don't agree.

"Want $100,000? Get GOLD," says Rich Dad, Poor Dad's Author Robert Kiyosaki . "Having gold near you, attracts more wealth!"