FREE Distant Healing Sessions for RESCUED Pit Bulls

If you RESCUED a Pit Bull and invited them into your home to be part of your family (not leave them outside and forget about them), I would like to THANK YOU for saving yours from a life of abuse, mistreatment, neglect. 

Pit Bulls are such amazing dogs and it breaks my heart to see how cruel humans can be towards them. And although we try to save them, they are still left with the inner pain & fear. Some can't adjust to a good home because they unconsciously still live in FEAR. 

While I can't save all Pit Bulls as I wish I could & I find it hard going to the shelters to do Reiki on them (because Im an empath), I would like to do my part by providing FREE Distant Healing to your precious rescue. 

Please fill out the form on this page to qualify for this healing.

If you would like to know more about the BENEFITS of Energy Healing for Pets & how I conduct this healing, please click here. 

I will be doing this healing on my spare time. Therefore, I will be doing things a little different. 

  1. I won't do the healing over the phone with you. BUT, I will email or text you with any information I receive while conducting the healing. (Most of the time, your pet's soul/higher self & spirit guides will tell me what emotional pain they are experiencing for me to remove the pain associated with that particular memory)

  2. There's no need to schedule a time and date -- as I will be doing this free healing when time permits.

  3. At first, I will do a collective Reiki healing for all the dogs whose owners filled out the form. I do this every week & your pet will continue to be on this list unless you ask me to remove him/her. When time permits, I will work on individual dogs with a more intense healing method. 


Email the following information below to with subject "Pitbull Healing"

  1. Proof that your Pit Bull(s) is a rescue. attach documents to email

  2. Picture of your Pit Bull (not required but will help). 

  3. PATIENCE-- as mentioned, I will be doing this on my spare time so please be patient & wait for me to email you when Im done. I will try my best to keep you updated. 


For those who asked how you can donate, please click here.
Donations are not required but is always appreciated.