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Spiritual Services

I am a Spiritual Advisor, which has nothing at all to do with any RELIGION. I respect everyone's beliefs and cultures and will never try to change or talk them out of what they believe.


My purpose is only to help one deepen their relationship with SELF (their own soul & inner being) and deepen their relationship with Divine (whomever they consider their God[s], Higher Being, Universe, etc...if any)

I help people look at life in a different, new perspective. I help them see that nothing is a coincidence and that everything, including pain and suffering, happens for a reason. By changing their perspective, they are able to cope with life's difficulty and challenges in a better way and ultimately SHIFT negative situations into positive ones. 

  • I help one discover their life's purpose and then I encourage and  help them take the necessary steps to live in their life's purpose.

  • I help one get more in touch with their intuition so they can make better decisions in life and so they can trust themselves better. 

  • I help one communicate with nature and show them how amazing Mother Earth is to us. 

  • I help one understand different synchronicities, signs and symbols- a way the Universe communicates with us. 

  • I introduce different ways and tricks to help one use the Law of Attraction to manifest the life they want. 

  • and more...

  • Spiritual Counseling/ Coaching

  • Tarpanam (Ancestral Liberating to Manifest Desires)

  • Liberating Departed Loved One's Soul 

  • Liberating Loved One's Soul AND Healing From Their Loss

  • ETC...

I do everything out of LOVE & LIGHT. And will never do anything with DARK energy. My work is to empower others so that they can live their best lives. And I will never do anything to manipulate one's free will, cast a dark shadow over anyone, or anything like that. So, if you are seeking that type of spiritual worker, I am not the one you seek. But I do send you love and light and pray that you heal from whatever is causing you to seek that type of work. Namaste.