Book a Tarot Reading

Whether it's a LOVE or general situation, I hope to help you with the answers you seek. There is no judging here. Not only are your secrets safe with me but I will try to help you through your situation as best as I can with a sincere, understanding heart. TOTALLY CONFIDENTIAL.


Tarot cards are used as a divination tool to measure potential outcomes and evaluate influences surrounding a person, an event, or both. Because the future is fluid, absolute predictions of future events are impossible. Instead, I focus on possible outcomes as well as examining influences related to the issue at hand. These may be influences which one might not even be aware of before the reading. Tarot reading thus arms one with additional information so that they may make more informed choices.

IN PERSON READINGS: (Due to COVID, in-person readings are not available til further notice. I'm only providing sessions over the phone aka Distant Reading). 

I am located in a private location in Norfolk, VA. First time clients must book & pay online before arrival.

PHONE READINGS: I encourage you to take advantage of our PHONE READINGS. Phone readings are just as effective as in person readings, just far more convenient. I am able to tap into anyone's energy no matter their location as energy travels through time and space. Most of my clients are worldwide and are repeated clients =)


  • Don't pay $5 a minute for a reading via live CHAT; (typing can get lost in translations)

  • Don't pay for videos where you can't ask questions, therefore still not getting any clarity; 

  • Don't pay any clock-watchers who con you by telling you they see "something IMPORTANT" then tell you time is up just so you can GET DESPERATE & pay them to hear more;

  • Don't pay for 5 question limits when there's enough time to ask more questions. 

  • Don't pay for readers who tell you basic things.

TRUST ME--I've experienced all these issues BEFORE I became a professional reader myself and I vowed that I wouldn't do the same. I am honest and genuinely care. I don't take my gift lightly and I do not use it to con others. I will not chance losing it. You can read my clients' reviews here

How I work: I am a gifted Intuitive & Light Worker who uses Tarot cards to confirm what it is that I see, feel and know & sometimes vice versa. Before any of my readings, I invoke your Divine Team & my Divine team. I ask that both teams work together to allow me to see what needs to be seen and to assist me to convey the BEST advice regarding your situation. Your DIVINE team consist of all the Heavenly Angels, Spirit guides (who've been watching you since you were born), your Higher self, All the ancestors whom your Higher self trusts, and of course Our Creator. 

Before you arrive or before I call you on the phone, I meditate on your situation for approx 30 min to see if I can gather any information. Sometimes my clients get all they need to know just from that alone and don't need me to proceed w the tarot. 

My readings ARE PROTECTED from any NEGATIVE influences including from our egos, therefore ONLY TRUTHS are revealed-- even if that truth hurts. So, please don't book me if you want me to lie to you and only tell you sweet tales. That will be a violation to my divine gift & a violation to your trust. 


Whether it's LOVE or just general life questions, I've been sent to help you get clarity. I specialize mainly in LOVE & relationships but there are times when spirits take me all the way to left field & will have me discuss something they feel is far more important. I cant control what they feel is most important but I do suggest we TRUST THEM as they know far more than we do.

How is s/he feeling?
Are they cheating?
Should I stay? Should I go?
What can I do to fix this situation?
Can I trust them?
Are they my soulmate?
Are they still thinking about me?
Ask anything...

My clients always find it very comfortable to talk to me about ANYTHING. I hope you will find the same ease.

Please note: I'm located on the East Coast of America so I'm on Eastern Standard Time. Please keep the time difference in mind when booking.

For non-US or overseas residence, I'll use Whatsapp to contact you (no video calls, just voice calls)



I'm unable to answer questions such as

  • WHERE you should move (although Im able to get a yes or no answer to places you are inquiring about)

  • exact timing of event (as timing is fluid & energy can always change), etc...

  • medical/health questions 

Please understand that nothing is definite as energy changes. I can only give you the most likely outcome.

I also see/hear things, words like a game of charades. It's like spirits way of wanting us to work together to figure things out. Most find it therapeutic as they often have the "aha" moments. Lastly, they wont give us ALL the answers.  Sometimes God wants us to learn and figure things out on our own because it is necessary for our growth and evolution. We cant always get the cheat sheet in life-- otherwise, we wont be able to grow as individuals. HOWEVER, we all have the answers within. And you will find that most of the answers we (spirits and I) give you are answers you already answered yourself- we were just confirming it for you. 

Tarot reading is for entertainment purpose only.