Liberating Ancestors to Manifest Desires

Liberate your departed friend, relative and/or ancestors. 

Tarpanam is a simple yet powerful act to change your destiny. It is a technique of satisfying your ancestors by offering them food (that nourishes their souls) and seeking their blessings. The ancestors when satisfied & released into the light will help to clear energy blocks, negative tendencies, ancestral KARMA, and shortcomings in your life.


I am a trained expert in Tarpanam and will ensure that the right procedures are followed with the right supplies to satisfy the ancestors and help them move to higher planes of light, where they can better assist you in your journey.

The more we conduct this ritual, the more ancestors we liberate. The more ancestors will liberate, the more blockages are removed and the faster we can manifest the life we desire. 

During each ritual, I ask that your ancestors help you manifest 1-3 specific wishes you have for your new life. My clients have seen a huge improvement in their energy and life. [Click here to read more]


Don't pay $500- $1000! I offer this service at a fraction of the cost.

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Concerned about a loved one's soul?

A lot of souls stay earth bound in the spirit world when their deaths are sudden or traumatic. Their souls are walking around on the earth plane lost and confused as they don't know how to cross over. Some souls have done bad things on earth and are afraid to cross over because they were told they will go to hell. But that isn't so as God always forgives. Some souls have unfinished business but this ritual will help them cross over into the light, forgetting their unfinished business.


This ritual will help them find peace and no matter what wrongs they've done on earth, our Divine Team will be present to offer them peace so they can TRUST the process and cross over into the light. 

This ritual can be done any day. However, some people choose to do it on their Death's anniversary. The day of the ritual makes no difference as it will always work, no matter what. 

To HIRE ME to perform this Ritual, Click Here then go to Spiritual Services.

Please understand that these manifestations are not always instant. Although your ancestors and their attached karma will be liberated after the ritual, there are other factors that may delay your manifestations. Personally, after conducting a 30 day Tarpanam for myself, nothing came into fruition for about 6 months. Please give your ancestors and the universe time to move things around in your life. There are clients who didnt see results for a year but these were clients who had a huge amount of ancestral karma. if you've had "bad luck" most of your life, it is more than likely your ancestors have a lot of karma thats been passed to you.